County council silent over Hodgson

We are very interested in this, as it’s not untypical of the way the Labour Party operate around here.

The Derby Telegraph are puzzled by it all as you can see by reading here. There is a great deal of “not allowed to speak for legal reasons” along with quotes from the poor unfortunate like “It’s a fantastic place that has been built on honesty and trust.” and “We’ve done some brilliant things. I do feel very emotional. I’ve been here for 38 years, it feels like my place. All this has happened very quickly.” The inference being that it was built on trust and good things have been done, but no more.

As keen followers of the political scene no doubt you will be aware of the controversy surrounding the question of gagging those that have been wronged. The basic idea is that they pay for silence, i.e. “we will give you more than we need to as long as you promise not to tell on us.” Nick has spent 38 years at the council he’s seen a lot and would be a great dinner guest unless of course he is gagged can’t speak for legal reasons.

By the way you would have to ask how long any of this would last anyway,“Eric Pickles warns councils over ‘gagging orders’ legal reasons

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