No, Markham Vale Isn’t Right, But It Should Be

Markham Vale is ‘eggsactly’ right Published in The Star 21 May 2013
A leading Northern Irish food firm is to open a plant in the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone close to Chesterfield.

Ready Egg Products is planning to create 50 jobs by opening a 34,700 sq. ft factory on Derbyshire County Council flagship employment site at Markham Vale.

The firm is a leading egg processor that supplies UK and Irish food manufacturers. It now sees opportunities to sell to continental Europe, but says transport costs from its current location put it at a commercial disadvantage.

Coun Joan Dixon, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, said: “More and more companies are making Markham Vale their home because of its location in the centre of England and excellent transport links afforded by its purpose-built junction.

Ready Egg’s plans bring the number of new jobs created at Markham Vale to 260 in the last eight months.

Markham vale is being jointly developed by Derbyshire County Council and Sheffield construction group Henry Boot.

First impressions really count, Derbyshire County Council need to get their head around the following:

1. Broken missing road signs as you enter the Markham Vale site. 

2. The general signage of the area – the businesses that are there have fly posted directions to their business on every lamp post.

3. Graffiti should be cleaned off the signs and street furniture.

4. Weeds and grass growing through the pavement and in the gutters particularly around the recycling facility.

All of the above coupled with the private property keep off signs and swath of security company monitoring signs create a very negative impression of the area. With a little bit of thought it could be more welcoming and an attractive proposition for more companies. At the moment it shouts ‘trouble’.

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