Labour Cabinet Meeting Agenda 4th June – No Questions Unless Anne Agrees!

Item 3 on the agenda:

Questions by Minority Group Leaders

The approach to involving Minority Group Leaders at Cabinet meetings
has varied over time since the introduction of the Cabinet under the Local
Government Act 2000. Most recently, the Minority Group Leaders have
been invited to ask questions arising from the agenda at the
commencement of the open and closed sessions of Cabinet meetings.
This has proved somewhat unsatisfactory since questions have often
been left unanswered until after the meeting to ensure that full and
accurate answers have been provided. It is, therefore, proposed that
Minority Group Leaders should set out their questions in writing and
provide them to the Director of Legal Services by 12:00noon on the day
before the Cabinet meeting. This would bring the arrangements more
into line with the procedure relating Members’ questions for full Council
meetings and would allow considered responses to the questions to be
provided at the Cabinet meeting.

Have a read of the full agenda 

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