Nick Hodgson payout ?

You will recall that Nick Hodgson the chief executive was “asked” to leave Derbyshire County Council by the incoming Labour Group?

He’s left with a payout, guess how much??

Well your guess is as good as anyone’s if you ask Anne Western (our representative and leader at Derbyshire County Council) she would tell you that your right to know is “guidance, it’s not the law,” and that “local authorities are independent bodies and they run themselves.” It would also appear we the tax payer do NOT have a right to know what Anne is spending our money on. According to one DCC councillor in the Burton Mail, this could be a significant sum , as much as £300,000

The story is here from the BBC

Derby Telegraph

Is there a patten emerging? 

We will be keeping an eye on it Anne, that’s for sure!

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