Double Standards Again Cllr Western?

Derbyshire County Council – News Update

Council Leader Councillor Anne Western said:

“We’re committed to putting communities at the heart of our decision making − listening to what people want and acting on it.

“Broadcasting debates allows us to show the council putting this into practice, by being open and transparent.

Derbyshire is a large county and it isn’t always possible for people to get to council meetings. Our new broadcasts give them the opportunity to see and listen to the debate surrounding decisions being made on their behalf.”

Councillor Western added:

“Members of the public can ask questions at full council meetings, and to increase the level of participation we’ve introduced the opportunity for people to ask questions at cabinet meetings.”

It is surprising that at Derbyshire County Council Anne Western is looking at openness and transparency but at Barlborough Parish Council where she is Deputy Leader of the Parish Council she wont allow the minutes to be sent to residents even though they cannot attend the monthly meetings………………………..perhaps a rethink Anne? 

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