Will Wastsy Be Refusing OBE?

So Eion Watts is getting an OBE from the Queen. Given he is a self professed anti-royalist. Never stands for the Royal Anthem. Is proud of the fact he doesn’t even know the words, we are sure he will turn it down.

Surely, he couldn’t be such a hypocrite as to accept it. Could he? Oh, but wait a minute, haven’t we said all along that’s just what he is? Speaking with forked tongue. Saying one thing and doing another? He’ll get the badge and a signed letter from Queen and his offspring can get married in the chapel of Westminster…but wait a minute, his offspring have already been married, so maybe not…

Perhaps he needed help writing the refusal letter? Oh, and then there was the name change to make him a bit more interesting isn’t it Eion..?

This is a bit of a test for you Eion.. or is it .. Ian

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