So Watsy’s Shipping Out Before They Start Drilling Under Our Homes…

Were you wondering why Waterproof Watsy wasn’t standing at the next election? Well, Bolsover is a government approved fracking site.

The government is trying to change the law so big energy companies can drill for gas under our homes – without asking us. [1] Bolsover is sat on top of a seam of gas – and it’s already been earmarked for drilling. [2] So unless these plans are stopped, gas could be sucked from under your home very soon.

But together, we could do just that. Because to change the law the government needs MPs to vote for it in parliament. And the vote’s in just a few weeks. [3] Let’s make it clear that backing dirty energy companies over constituents would be a toxic move.

A huge people-powered petition against the plans – which we can hand in to our MPs – will make sure all MPs know the way they should vote. Will you stand up for your home – and everyone else’s? Click here to sign the petition:


The plans – simple changes to existing trespass law – could mean your home surrounded by noisy machines, and your local park turned into a gas field. All without your permission. The process – known as fracking – could also poison our water and produce toxic waste. And it’s known to cause earthquakes. [4]

All over the country, people and local councils have been refusing planning permission to dirty energy companies for fracking. [5] But this change in the law takes away our power to say no to it happening under our homes.

When we work together, we’re stronger. And we’re not alone. Greenpeace supporters, Friends of the Earth members and thousands of grassroots campaigners are all standing hand-in-hand to stop these plans, for each other’s homes. [6] It’s a truly people-powered effort. Will you join us?


Thanks for being involved,

Amy, Nat, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team

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