‘Donnygate’ Whistleblower Helping Barlborough

Ken Burley is the Planning Consultant who was engaged by the Parish Council in 2007 to make representations on the proposals to site the secure psychiatric hospital in Barlborough. He has recently been re-engaged again to represent the Parish Council during the Public Inquiry which will be held later this year. What isn’t widely known is that Ken Burley (a long term officer of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council until 2004) was the chief whistle blower in the ‘Donnygate’ scandal in the mid 1990’s.

‘Donnygate’ in a nutshell resulted in half the serving councillors of Doncaster MBC being prosecuted for expense fraud, there were contract illegalities and widespread corruption in the planning department.  His story is told in full in Planning: A Personal Perspective pages 526-535 published in Planning Theory and Practice 2005 Vol 6 No 4 pp 517-541 . To read out more about the ‘Donnygate’ scandal click here.

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