No Pool and No Jimmy Choo’s

Bolsover Allotment Association are up in arms because they are still under notice to quit the land on Oxcroft Lane even through they claim the Bolsover Baths project is off. According to Mr David Kee (Old Bolsover Town Council Clerk) the sale of the land is to raise funds towards the new Bolsover swimming pool – the pool that Dennis has been campaigning for for years.

So what happened? The funding was in the bag last year wasn’t it? The then Minister of State for Sport, Richard Caborn had some very good news for Dennis Skinner MP in May 2007 ‘I hope that an announcement will soon be made by Bolsover council that there will be a 25 m swimming pool in Bolsover in the very, very near future.’  The Chair of Sport England, Derek Mapp had allocated the funding – there was just the issue of the right location…

So, the word on the street is that Sport England withdrew the funding because the site they favoured (which was probably central and had good transport links etc – all the things you would need to make it work) wasn’t the chosen site of the Bolsover ‘partners’. September 2007 saw Bolsover District Council allocating £51,000 towards project management costs (ostensibly to employ a project manager) to investigate the feasbility of a swimming pool for Bolsover. Wasn’t Sport England’s feasibility study good enough – or didn’t it say the right things? It seems like the ‘new project’ is already dead in the water. In 2004 Cllr Keith Bowman was reported as saying that the last hope for the baths was through Sport England, ‘Every time we have applied for funding we had had our legs kicked from beneath us’ he told the BBC. If their only hope was Sport England and they have pulled out, how is it going to be financed? Oh, yes by selling allotments and through the council tax payers in Bolsover. Sounds like they have tripped themselves up this time.

We will have no 25m pool for budding Olympians in time for 2012. There will be no open topped buses through the streets of Bolsover and no presentation of gold Jimmy Choo’s by the Leader to some gold medal bearing Olympian swimmer…Our hopes will have to hang on the up-and-coming swimmers at the new Healthy Living Centre in St Aveley, just down the road.  

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