Barlborough is Having a ‘Youff’ Shelter

youth-shelter.jpgBarlborough Labour Party as part of their election manifesto promised the young people of Barlborough a youth shelter. Do people really know what they are like? Pictured right is the one at Old Whittington, set at a jaunty angle! In all honesty, would you want our young people hanging out in these shelters? What about well thought out youth provision, something that the young people can get involved in and shape themselves?

To top it all, the youth shelter we are having has been  ‘donated’ from Tibshelf – so it ‘won’t cost the ratepayer a penny.’ The reason it has been removed from Tibshelf is because of all the problems they had with it. Oh well! that’s OK then…The new site for the shelter is Glebe Field, the triangular piece of land sandwiched between New Road and Hancock’s Hill. It belongs to the church, lets hope they see sense and carefully consider before they reply to the Parish Council’s request to site one there. There are currently 14 youth shelters in the District of Bolsover. We will be running a ‘Best Kept Youth Shelter’ competition…watch this space.

In the meantime, we read with interest the letter in the Derbyshire Times from a Chesterfield resident:

Letter published in the Derbyshire Times, June 12th 2008

“Sir – our local community forum is proposing to put up two ‘youth shelters’ in parks close by from which my dog, a keen recycler, rarely comes home without a bottle (beer or vodka) in his mouth. The proposers have obviously never visited the shelter in Somersall Park – covered in graffitti, some of it obscene: the seats unusable because of the amount of litter; the waste bin ripped up and set fire to.

Local volunteers regularly turn out to pick up the glass as the council obviously cannot cope with it and children and dogs would otherwise be hurt. So what can these proposed new shelters be but a reward for bad behaviour? You might as well invite the Mayor to present the users with a medal….”

Jacqueline Currell, Brockwell Lane, Chesterfield

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