SHOCK: School Roof Lead Theft – Slayley Green Bench an Accessory…

slayley-green-bench.jpgThe mystery bench used in the recent theft of lead (this last weekend) from the primary school roof has been identified! Remember the two recycled plastic benches (pictured right) we had on the lower part of Slayley Green near the litter bin? Well, a few months ago (in separate incidents) they were removed from their fixings. They have been dumped stored in the grounds of the new Parish Council Offices desk at the Resource Centre.  Cunning thieves used one of the benches to gain access to the school roof to steal the lead.

As the weeks went by, hopes were fading that these benches would be reinstated on Slayley Green. Now they have been implicated in a criminal offence they will probably be seized for evidence and melted down for their part in the crime!

Note to Parish Council: Could you clarify if the Slayley Green benches are part of the Councils street furniture removal programme? If so, can we request that Memorial Barrels are also placed at this location to mark these well used benches which will be missed by the community? N.B. Number of benches on Slayley Green has gone from 5 to 0.

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