Reprieve for New Parish Council Office

The red telephone box on the village green has had a reprieve – the Parish Council will be breathing a sigh of relief! red-telephone-box-village-green.jpgBolsover District Council has voted to retain our telephone box along with others in the District, whether BT takes any notice or not is a different matter. Since the Labour controlled Parish Council moved the Parish Office to the Resource Centre on the 20th April (not many people know that!) they have not managed to get the telephone line transferred yet – 10 weeks later!!!

It doesn’t really inspire confidence does it? After all the council tax payers are still paying for the active telephone line to the village hall – where there is no telephone and no clerk… The red telephone box will be a lifeline for the Parish Council until they manage to sort this latest mess out. One would have to ask how the public purse is being managed during these turbulant times…

STOP PRESS: The red telephone box is actually going to be painted green as part of the ‘Keep Barlborough Green’ campaign. Organisers are hoping that the telephone box will blend in with the Keep Barlborough Village Green and will escape the notice of BT –  a cunning plan indeed! Truly inspired!

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